How to maintain TOPSO garden tools

There are various types of garden tools, each with its own purpose and characteristics. Common garden tools include hedge machines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, garden shears, garden saws, electric chain saws, multifunctional machines, drills, chains, blades, saw blades, and other types of garden tools.
1、 Hedge machine
A handheld wood cutting machine powered by a gasoline engine and with a saw chain as the cutting component. Widely used in forestry production for operations such as logging, pruning, and timber making. Currently, most of them are used for shaping, pruning, and pruning in landscaping.
Maintenance method: Before use, thoroughly inspect the machine to ensure that it is in good condition before use. At the same time, regularly lubricate the machine head, chain, and blades with oil. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to start it once a week for 15 minutes each time.
2、 Garden scissors
Due to its small size, garden scissors are easy to carry. When using them to trim branches, it is necessary to distinguish which scissors to use based on the thickness of the branches.
Maintenance method: After using the product, it is necessary to apply rust prevention treatment to it, which can extend the product's lifespan and also save us some costs.
3、 Mower
It is a mechanical tool used for trimming lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of a cutterhead, engine, walking wheels, walking mechanism, blades, handrails, and control parts. The cutterhead is installed on the walking wheel, and the cutterhead is equipped with an engine. The output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades. The blades use the high-speed rotation of the engine to greatly improve speed, saving time for weeders and reducing a lot of human resources.
Maintenance method: To ensure safety, always remove the spark plug cap before performing any maintenance tasks. Change the oil every month of use or 20 hours of operation. Clean or replace the air filter every 3 months of use or 50 hours of operation. Change the engine oil every 6 months of use or 100 hours of operation; Regularly inspect, clean or adjust spark plugs, and adjust valve clearances. Regular inspection and adjustment of lawn trimmers are very important, and regular maintenance can extend repair time and machine life.
Garden tools in damp environments can easily cause metal rusting and plating to fall off, so the placement should be dry. If you want to clean garden tools, remember not to use hot water or running water for cleaning, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth. If it rusts due to improper storage, do not immediately use sandpaper to polish it. For smaller areas, you can use a cotton cloth dipped in engine oil to wipe them clean.


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