The chainsaw is a two-stroke power, and attention should be paid to the power and cutting tools during use to ensure the normal use of the machine:

1. Preparation before starting: ⑴ Check the connections of each part and ensure their reliability. If necessary, tighten and adjust them. ⑵ Check if the fuel level in the gasoline tank is sufficient to charge, and if it is insufficient, add it up Check if the connectors of electrical equipment are securely connected and tighten them if necessary Shake the crankshaft and observe whether each transmission component fits properly and rotates flexibly. Adjust and lubricate if necessary.

1. Spray operation method: ⑴ First assemble relevant parts to make the whole machine in spray operation state. ⑵ Before adding the medication, spray it with clean water once and check for any leaks in all areas; Do not add liquid too quickly or too full to prevent it from overflowing into the fan housing from the outlet of the filter screen; The added medication must be clean to avoid

The jamming of the pulling cylinder inside the cylinder can be caused by checking the piston, which is usually caused by the following reasons:

1. The operator should follow the instructions in the product manual and use it normally.

1. Before use, please carefully read the user manual to understand the performance and precautions of the machine. 2. The purpose of the hedge trimmer is to trim hedges and shrubs. To avoid accidents, please do not use it for other purposes.
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