Fault and maintenance of spark plugs

The failure of spark plugs mainly occurs in the skirt and electrodes.
(1) Normal
Normal refers to the appropriate air-fuel ratio, ignition advance angle, spark plug calorific value, and normal combustion in the combustion chamber, that is, there is no hot spot fire or leakage ignition. Under normal circumstances, spark plugs have almost no carbon deposits, are dry, and the electrodes are basically non ablated, appearing light brown (rust colored) or slightly light gray fine powder on the surface. During maintenance, simply wipe off any micro sediment residue and continue to use.
(2) Carbon fouling
The carbon spark plug is dry and has a matte black carbon layer deposited. In severe cases, the charcoal layer appears furry. Carbon buildup can cause leakage and ignition failure. Excessive concentration of combustible gas, high heating value of spark plugs, weak ignition, or excessive electrode gaps can cause carbon deposition. After removing the carbon layer, the spark plug can still be used.
(3) Overheated use
The skirt is dry and appears white or light gray, and in severe cases, there may be local loose protrusions on the surface of the porcelain tube. The electrode is significantly eroded, with a circle of ablation near the central electrode and nodular particles adhering. Excessive dilution of combustible gas, low or leaking spark plug heating value, premature ignition, or overheating of gasoline engines can all cause overheating and burning, so it is better to renew.
(4) Oil contamination
Engine oil, shiny and oily black, wet and greasy. Excessive oil in the mixed oil, crankshaft oil seal leakage, low spark plug heat value, and prolonged idle or low-speed operation can all cause oil contamination. It is difficult to remove without a dedicated cleaning solution. The electrode gap of spark plugs is an important technical data and should be adjusted according to the instructions. Non electric shock ignition is generally 0.6-0.7mm. Excessive clearance results in poor high-speed performance of gasoline engines; Too small, poor low-speed performance.



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