Precautions for using a hedge machine

1、 Issues to pay attention to before using the hedge machine
1. Before use, please carefully read the user manual to understand the performance and precautions of the machine.
2. The purpose of the hedge trimmer is to trim hedges and shrubs. To avoid accidents, please do not use it for other purposes.
3. The hedge trimmer is equipped with a high-speed reciprocating cutting blade, which can be very dangerous if operated incorrectly. So when feeling tired or uncomfortable, do not use the hedge trimmer after taking cold medicine or drinking alcohol.
4. The gas emitted by the engine contains harmful carbon monoxide to the human body. Therefore, do not use a hedge trimmer in poorly ventilated areas such as indoors, in greenhouses, or in tunnels.
5. Do not use in the following situations:
(1) When the feet are slippery and it is difficult to maintain a stable working posture.
(2) When it is difficult to confirm the safety around the work site due to dense fog or at night.
(3) When the weather is bad (rain, strong winds, thunder, etc.).
6. When using the hedge trimmer for the first time, it is necessary to seek guidance from experienced personnel on the usage before starting the actual operation.
7. Excessive fatigue can reduce attention and become the cause of accidents. Do not make the work schedule too tight. The continuous work time should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and there should be 10 to 20 minutes of rest time. The daily work time should be limited to two hours.
8. Minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmers.
2、 Labor protection equipment when using a hedge trimmer
1. When using a hedge trimmer, it is necessary to wear clothing suitable for outdoor work and wear the following protective equipment:
(1) Work caps (helmets should be worn when working on slopes), and long hair should be tied up to protect it.
(2) Dust proof glasses or face shields.
(3) Wear sturdy and sturdy labor protection gloves.
(4) Non slippery and sturdy shoes.
(5) Earplugs (especially when working for long periods of time).
2. Please make sure to bring the following items:
(1) Machine accessories and steel files.
(2) Suitable backup fuel for hedge trimmers.
(3) Replace the blade used.
(4) Tools (ropes, wooden signs) used to indicate the work area.
(5) Whistle (used for joint work or in emergency situations).
(6) Choppers, hand saws (used when removing obstacles).
3. Please do not wear pants with wide legs, bare feet, sandals, grass shoes, or other materials for homework.
3、 Notes on fuel usage
1. The fuel used for the engine of the hedge trimmer is a mixture of engine oil and gasoline, which is flammable. Please do not add fuel or store fuel in areas such as incinerators, burners, stoves, etc. that may cause fires.
2. Do not smoke while doing homework or refueling.
3. If there is no fuel left during use, make sure to stop the engine first and confirm that there are no fireworks around before refueling.
4. If fuel is spilled during refueling, be sure to wipe off the attached fuel on the engine body before starting the engine.
5. After refueling, seal the container and start the engine at least 3 meters away from the fuel container.
4、 Precautions before work
1. Before starting work, it is necessary to first understand the condition of the site (terrain, nature of the green fence, location of obstacles, surrounding hazards, etc.) and remove movable obstacles.
2. Centered around the operator and within a radius of 15 meters, it is a hazardous area. To prevent others from entering the area, ropes should be used to enclose or wooden signs should be erected as a warning. In addition, when several people are working at the same time, they should occasionally greet each other and maintain a certain safe distance.
3. Before starting work, carefully inspect all parts of the machine body and confirm that there are no loose screws, oil leaks, damage or deformation before starting work. Especially the blades and their connecting parts need to be carefully inspected.
4. Only after confirming that the blade is not chipped, cracked, or bent can it be used. Never use blades that have already experienced abnormalities.
5. Please use a sharpened blade that has been ground.
6. When grinding the blade, to prevent the blade from cracking, it is necessary to file the root of the teeth into an arc shape.
7. After tightening the screws and installing the blade, first rotate the blade by hand to check for any up and down swinging or abnormal sounds. If there is an up and down swing, it may cause abnormal vibration or loosening of the fixed part of the blade.



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