The use and maintenance of hedge trimmers

1、 Using
1. The operator should follow the instructions in the product manual and use it normally.
2. The maximum branch diameter of the pruned hedge strip should match the performance parameters of the hedge trimmer used.
3. The trimmer must be in normal technical condition during operation. The blade should rotate or move back and forth flexibly. The clearance between the fixed blade and the power of the rotary trimmer is less than 1mm, and the clearance between the contact surface of the reciprocating trimmer after closure does not exceed 0.15mm.
4. When the engine operates normally at room temperature, it is allowed to pull the starting rope three times after starting three times. At least one of them was successfully started. If the engine cannot be started or it is difficult to start, the cause should be identified and the fault should be eliminated before continuing to use.
5. During the work process, it is important to regularly pay attention to tightening the connectors. Adjust the blade gap or replace damaged parts in a timely manner according to the trimming quality situation. It is not allowed to work with faults.
6. The quality after trimming should be flat, with basically no missing cuts and a tearing rate of less than 10%.
2、 Maintenance and repair
1. Proper maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the machine instructions provided by the product manufacturer.
2. Remove all grass debris, soil particles, and debris. Check for any loose fasteners or missing parts. Check for oil leakage. Clean the blades and apply oil after each use. If dirt gets stuck, it should be soaked in liquid and cleaned with a brush before applying oil.



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