Judging the cylinder pulling phenomenon in two-stroke engines

The jamming of the pulling cylinder inside the cylinder can be caused by checking the piston, which is usually caused by the following reasons:
A. The severe carbon accumulation at the top of the piston and around the ring is mainly caused by the use of poor engine oil, such as four stroke engine oil, diesel engine oil, or low-quality two-stroke engine oil.
B. The air filter on the exhaust side of the piston is not clean, and garbage blocks the carburetor fuel injector. If the adjustment is too small or the oil in the fuel is added too little, the concentration of gas entering the cylinder will decrease. Due to air leakage from paper pads, insulators, and other materials, insufficient lubrication can cause cylinder pulling in high-temperature areas.
C. The pulling of the cylinder on the lower side of the intake port of the piston is basically caused by water ingress, such as during rainy and snowy days. Water enters the cylinder through the air filter, causing the lubricating oil film to be washed and mixed by water, resulting in a lack of lubricating oil film on the lower side of the intake side of the piston. After high-speed operation, it generates heat and causes the cylinder to pull;
D. The pull on the intake side of the piston is due to garbage entering from the air filter, mainly due to:
1) Forgot to install filter element;
2) Damage;
3) Frequently not cleaned.



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