Use and Maintenance of spray Powder Sprayer

1. Spray operation method: ⑴ First assemble relevant parts to make the whole machine in spray operation state. ⑵ Before adding the medication, spray it with clean water once and check for any leaks in all areas; Do not add liquid too quickly or too full to prevent it from overflowing into the fan housing from the outlet of the filter screen; The added medication must be clean to avoid nozzle blockage. After adding the medicine, the lid of the medicine box must be tightly closed. The medicine can be added without stopping, but the engine should be running at low speed On the back of the machine, adjust the hand throttle switch to stabilize the engine at the rated speed (experienced people can listen to the engine working sound. When the engine whines, the speed generally reaches the rated speed). Then turn on the medicine switch on the handle, so that the rotating handle is facing the direction of the nozzle, and operate at the predetermined speed and route. Several issues to pay attention to when spraying medication:
① After the switch is turned on, immediately swing the spray nozzle by hand. It is strictly prohibited to stay in one place to spray, in order to prevent drug damage During the spraying process, swing the nozzle left and right to increase the spraying range. The forward speed and swing speed should be appropriately coordinated to prevent leakage and affect the quality of the operation Control the spray volume per unit area. In addition to adjusting the travel speed, the spraying amount can also be adjusted by moving the liquid switch to rotate the core angle and changing the cross-sectional area of the channel When spraying shrubs (such as tea trees), the curved pipe can be facing downwards to prevent the medicine from flying upwards As the spray particles are very fine, it is difficult to observe the spraying situation. Generally, as long as the blades are blown by the nozzle wind speed, it is proved that the fog point is reached.
2. Powder spraying operation method: ⑴ Adjust the equipment according to the instructions in the user manual, so that the medicine box device is in the powder spraying state. ⑵ The powder should be dry and free of weeds, debris, and clumps. When adding medicine without stopping, the gasoline engine should be running at low speed. Close the wind deflector and powder door control handle. After adding medicine powder, tighten the medicine box cover and open the air door After the machine is backed up, adjust the hand throttle to the appropriate position, run stably for a while, and then adjust the powder door switch handle for spraying. ⑷ When spraying in forest areas, pay attention to the terrain and wind direction, and it is better to use crop surface dew for powder spraying at night When using a long nozzle for powder spraying, first release the film from the crank assembly, and then fill the oil valve. The long film plastic pipe can be blown up. Do not rotate too fast, and then adjust the powder gate for spraying. In order to prevent powder deposit at the end of the nozzle, shake the nozzle at any time when moving forward.
3. Stop operation: First, close the powder door or liquid switch, then reduce the throttle to allow the gasoline engine to run at low speed for 3-5 minutes, then close the throttle to stop the gas oil engine. Then, lower the machine and close the fuel valve.
After completing work every day, maintenance should be carried out as follows: (1) There should be no remaining powder or liquid medicine in the medicine box. (2) Clean the surface of the machine from oil and dust Wash the medicine box with clean water, especially the rubber parts. Do not flush gasoline engines with water Check for any water or oil leaks at each connection and promptly eliminate them Check whether all screws are loose or missing, and whether the tools are intact. If there is any looseness or loss, it must be tightened and supplemented in a timely manner When spraying powder, clean the vaporizer and air filter daily After maintenance, the machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, away from fire, and avoid direct sunlight No powder should be stored inside the long plastic tube. Before disassembly, run the machine empty for 1-2 minutes and use the wind force of the nozzle to blow out the remaining powder inside the long tube.
When the machine is stored for a long time, in order to prevent rust and damage, it must be sealed according to the following methods: ⑴ For gasoline engines, follow the instructions. ⑵ Disassemble all the machines and carefully clean the oil and dust on each component Clean the medicine box, fan, and infusion tube with alkaline or soapy water, and then rinse with clean water After cleaning and drying the fan casing, apply rust proof butter for protection Various plastic parts are greatly affected by temperature, so do not expose them to prolonged exposure to sunlight or undercooling. Other plastic parts must not be bumped or squeezed. All rubber parts should be carefully cleaned and stored separately to avoid deformation Cover with a plastic cover or other item and place in a dry and ventilated place.



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