The use and maintenance of gasoline engines

1. Preparation before starting: ⑴ Check the connections of each part and ensure their reliability. If necessary, tighten and adjust them. ⑵ Check if the fuel level in the gasoline tank is sufficient to charge, and if it is insufficient, add it up Check if the connectors of electrical equipment are securely connected and tighten them if necessary Shake the crankshaft and observe whether each transmission component fits properly and rotates flexibly. Adjust and lubricate if necessary.
2. Starting: The engine should be started without load Close the air damper of the carburetor appropriately, open the oil circuit switch, press the enrichment button on the float chamber, and wait until the float chamber cover overflows with oil Wrap one end of the starting rope around the starting plate of the crankshaft, hold the other end in your hand, and pull hard to drive the crankshaft to rotate. Note that when pulling with a rope, do not wrap the rope around your hands to avoid accidents caused by the crankshaft reversing After starting the gasoline engine, immediately adjust the throttle to run at low speed for 2-3 minutes to preheat. Note that the low-speed operation time should not be too long, generally not exceeding 5 minutes. During the preheating process, the machine should be observed for normal operation. Identify the problem, stop the machine to investigate the cause, troubleshoot the issue, and then restart.
3. Operation: After running the gasoline engine at low speed for 2-3 minutes, the engine speed can gradually increase. Continue with preheating. When the working temperature is reached, add load for operation Pay attention to whether the machine makes any abnormal noises such as "shooting", knocking, or other noises; Pay attention to any abnormal burnt smell in electrical appliances and wires; Check for any leaks in the fuel and lubrication systems. If any abnormalities are found, the vehicle should be stopped for inspection. After troubleshooting, it can be put into operation again Do not operate under long-term overload or thick smoke.
4. Parking and sealing: Before the engine stops running, the load should be removed, the engine speed should be reduced for 2-3 minutes, the engine temperature should be lowered, and then the machine should be shut down If a gasoline engine is stopped for a long time, it should undergo corresponding technical maintenance according to the content specified in the user manual; Wipe the exterior clean, and apply rust proof oil to areas that are prone to rust or paint peeling. Wrap or cover high voltage cables and other rubber products, block the exhaust pipe with a wooden stopper. Gasoline engines should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean place, and covered with a tarpaulin or plastic cloth.



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